Fresh lime caviar
/ / finger limes (Citrus australasica) from the USA and Australia

The so-called 'lime caviar' fruit is a microcitrus. The fruits originate from a plant that has been native to the Australian rainforest for centuries, and it is exceedingly rare. To be more precise, the fruit doesn't grow on an actual plant, but on a tree which stands several metres tall and has a large number of thorns, which makes harvesting it somewhat problematic! The harvesting process is also laborious since the fruits are generally stuck in place by resin.

Young trees bear their first fruits after roughly 12 years.

The fruit itself outwardly resembles a small gherkin, although its inside conceals its true treasure: the fruit pearls which burst in the mouth and thereby unfold their full aroma.

Limettenkaviar / Fingerlimes / Citrus Australasica

Fresh fruits from Australia are available from January to April.

One recent development is that there's now a grower in Southern California who specialises in the commercial production of lime caviar, and this lime caviar from California is available from July to December. The Californian fruits are smaller than the Australian ones, and their aroma is a touch more acidic overall.

Lime caviar is available in various colours. .


The aromas of the respective sub-varieties manifest subtle differences. The most popular variety is Alstonville (light green), which to a large extent is seedless. It's the only variety that's available from California.


(Picture: Fingerlimes / Alstonville)

Limettenkaviar / Fingerlimes / Citrus Australasica

The fruit pearls possess a highly complex citrus aroma and give off a very strong fragrance. They can be used in a great many ways, including:

  • as an accompaniment to sushi
  • in salads
  • for desserts
  • in champagne / sparkling wines (fruit pearls adhere to the carbon dioxide and rise and fall in the glass)

The zest from the fruit is highly aromatic too, and is suitable – amongst other things – for adding a special twist to desserts.

It's envisaged that it might be used in the aroma and perfume industry in the future.

Lime caviar can be purchased directly from us (

We also collaborate with a number of wholesalers to whom we supply the fresh fruit.

We're very grateful for the beautiful and informative photos which were taken by a friend of our Australian grower who writes her own food blog.





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