100% premium-grade wasabi powder

It's very difficult to stabilise the flavour of genuine wasabi (Wasabi japonica / Eutrema japonica) because the substances that give it its flavour are water-based rather than oil-based. Moreover, the carriers that are responsible for the flavour behave very differently to, for example, those of the European horseradish, which the uninitiated are liable to compare with wasabi.

The way in which various products are described sometimes includes the designation 'Japanese radish'. The Japanese radish is green too, although it has nothing to do with wasabi. The so-called 'green radish' is primarily grown in China.

We produce a 100% wasabi powder made from genuine Wasabi japonica with which we can supply companies in the food industry as well as wholesalers and discerning customers in the catering sector.

The powder is obtained via freeze drying.

AgroDirect offers two types:

a) 100% wasabi rhizome powder which is obtained from the root of Wasabi japonica, i.e. that part of the wasabi that is normally freshly grated.

100% Wasabipulver / 100% Wasabipowder

b) 100% wasabi leaf powder, which is produced from the leaves of Wasabi japonica. The high percentage of chlorophyll in the leaves means the powder manifests a very dark green colour. This makes it ideal, since only a very small amount will add a natural green colouring to the end product if – in accordance with its official description – genuine Wasabi japonica is required.

100% Wasabiblattpulver / 100% Wasabileafpowder

Fresh wasabi is a gourmet ingredient, and its cultivation requires a great deal of time and care. Due to the plant's high water content, the production of 1 kilo of powder requires several kilos of fresh wasabi.

In order to reduce costs, we use field-grown wasabi plants rather than plants grown in spring water for the 100% wasabi powder.

The costs for end consumers can also be reduced by using the above-mentioned 100% wasabi leaf powder or a mixture of 100% wasabi rhizome powder and 100% wasabi leaf powder during the respective production process.

Specifications for the 100% wasabi powder and/or the 100% wasabi leaf powder are available at any time upon request.







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