Our Company

AgroDirect has its origins in a vision shared by members of its international team of entrepreneurs. Its founders set themselves the goal of offering first-class products in local markets, at competitive prices. In doing so, it was vital to exploit the advantages of its geographical locations and import products without having to resort to wholesalers as intermediaries.

AgroDirect is built upon two pillars.

The first pillar comprises the supply of gourmet foods and exclusive fresh foodstuffs to customers within the European Union, direct from the producer in the country of origin. We're based in the immediate vicinity of Frankfurt Airport, thereby guaranteeing efficient logistics for the fresh products we import. Issues relating to food legislation as well as microbiological tests and/or the monitoring of possible residues are handled by an expert in a laboratory we collaborate with.

Proceeding from the exclusive fresh foods that we offer, AgroDirect's second pillar comprises the development of products for tailor-made solutions in the catering and retail sectors.

AgroDirect monitors quality and freshness at the point of origin, and supplies its goods quickly, reliably, and directly. AgroDirect also endeavours to ensure that its fresh produce is organic.


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