feld wasabi-on-wood


The taste experience of genuine wasabi

Even in Japan, the original home of wasabi, fresh wasabi is extremely exclusive and is only offered in the best 15-20% of restaurants – a must for gourmets and connoisseurs.

Freshly grated genuine wasabi has a hot & savoury, very aromatic flavour. It emphasises and underlines the aroma of the dish it's added to. The aroma of fresh wasabi cannot be compared to processed products (wasabi paste, inferior-quality wasabi powder, etc.).

The aromatic piquancy of wasabi stems from the myrosin cells in the root, which in turn contain water-soluble substances (glucosinolates and other enzymes). The grating process produces a reaction which forms high-quality volatile substances, so-called isothiocyanates, which are also known as mustard oils.

The root (or wasabi rhizome) is the most valuable part, and is an indispensable element in upmarket Japanese cuisine. The leaves and stems of the wasabi are also served as a delicacy to gourmets in Japan.

Imitations whose main ingredients are horseradish, artificial aromas and azoic colorants adulterate the dish and smother its true flavour.




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